Cut off’s with something extra

Yesterday my daughter had holey knees and her legs were getting to long for her favorite jeans. So I cut them off. She was happy but she wanted the flower from the bottom of the pant leg on the shorts. It’s an embroidered flower so it was easy enough to do. I did a simple around the outside I could have hidden it but thought it lent something to the look. She was happy and I thought I could do something more to give them some sparkle.

This is a simple embellishment that a person with basic sewing skills can do.

This is how it looked with one side sewed on. The trim I found in the craft section of a dollar tree. So these sparkly shorts don’t cost much and I have plenty left for another project.  I’m not sure how it will hold up in the washer so I will be sure to turn them inside out when washing and drying to keep them sparkly cute.

2015 0152015 018

I started by cuffing the part that has been cut.  You can tack it with some stitches I just added extra stitches every so often as I added the trim.  I will see how that works out after washing.

2015 017

After cuffing you pin the trim on and allow for some overlap.  As you sew it you may need the extra depending on how stretchy the material you are working with is.

2015 0202015 0192015 021

I used a simple stitch to attach.The trim I was stitched on through the holes in it.  I went in one hole and came out in front of the next hole to get a stitch. Similar to a blanket stitch but not quite as you aren’t going over your string.

2015 022

These are the finished sparkly shorts.

2015 023

A better picture of the flower I sewed on yesterday.

2015 025

So this is my craft project of the week.  Simple enough to do to give new life to old clothes.  A great way to extend the life of your children’s clothes.  What will you try it on?


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