Crafting with Stinkerbell

I made the mistake of taking my daughter shopping at Walmart yesterday.  Luckily she didn’t talk me in to buying the whole store but we did hit the craft section.  I will always go through the craft section and remember my mom. I miss her she’s been gone fourteen years. She used to craft so many things.  The thing she was best at was crochet.  I’m glad I took an interest in it while she was alive.  I can pick up a hook and yarn and make anything because of my mother.So today I will pass on some of the skills I’ve learned and her memory will live on.  I looked around for something simple to make sure she could complete it on her own and enjoy the process.  It’s been a while since we’d crafted together. Something new was in order.

They had make your own blankets on clearance.  So she picked out one telling me that, lime is her color and she has to have the peace sign. When we got home she was excited about having two blankets.  I broke the news of it only being one blanket and that she had to put it together herself. At first she wasn’t sure of that but once I showed her how it was done she really had fun putting the whole thing together.

Here is the blanket laid out and us starting to cut it.

2015 037

She’s tying the pieces together.

2015 0392015 038

The dog tried helping her.

2015 044

When it was done she was very proud of what she made with her own two hands.

2015 0052015 009

I spent many hours as a kid crafting with my mother. It’s been a while since I’ve crafted with my kids but we are working on changing that.  My daughter still isn’t ready for crochet but I bet my bead collection will get her creating any number of things.


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