Free shopping with InstaGC

I’ve a family to take care of and I’m lucky enough to get to stay at home with my kids.  Some day’s it works and others I wish I was still working.  I miss the money that I used to be able to bring in to the house to help out.  I’ve found that the internet is a great place to turn to to do things to get free money.  One of the places I have been using for gift cards online is instaGC.  I have just started and only do a little a each day. There are a number of ways to use the site to help you to save money for school shopping, birthdays or Christmas.  I can’t wait to see how much money I can earn in a month.

InstaGC isn’t just a survey site.  You can earn points from simple tasks such as clicking links, watching videos and getting referrals.  If you hover over the Earn icon at the top of the screen you will see recommended click on it and you will see this screen:


From here you can chose how you wish to spend your time to earn money.  Each task has different point values.  1 pt is the equal to a penny. It doesn’t seem like much at first, but the more you do it adds up fast. from there if you click on videos you will see this screen.


once you click on the first choice which is adbistro you come to this screen:


Once you click on launch 1 you will get a popup with a video after 30 seconds you can click-thru to the next link after you launch all three you have made 1 point. The more you use the site the easier it becomes to use.  Even if you only do the simplest tasks you a few times a week it will add up over time.  On the right hand side of the screen you will see this


InstaGC is a very social site you can chat with others as you earn.  The ticker in the bottom right corner is a great place to see where the best places to earn are. So far I’m loving the possibilities of what I can do with this site.  Do you use InstaGC? If so what is your favorite part of the site?


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