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Failure at fruit leather.

In June I bought a flat of strawberries from a local farmer.  I intended to make some yummy natural fruit leather for my kids.  What I ended up with is in no way the stuff I expected. I started out with a sink full of beautiful strawberries.  I mixed in regular white vinegar to help preserve the shelf life of the berries it really works for strawberries.  With berries so pretty you just want to eat them all up!

2015 028

So I hulled a few cups of strawberries and put them in my food processor.

2015 034

Making a liquid and spreading on a cookie sheet I’d lined with parchment paper.

2015 0352015 036

I did 2 sheets like this and put them in my oven at the lowest temp for 8 hours. I expected to pull out a tasty treat instead I ended up with this:

2015 0012015 002

Strawberry flavored paper! My son tried to make the best of it and picked off what he could.  All the while telling me how good it tasted. Got to love a kid that will try and make you feel better about failing in the kitchen.  What I learned from this is to always google for recipes before attempting anything new that you read about a while before. I learned my son loves me no matter what and that life goes on after failure.  I froze the rest of my strawberries for a future attempt at making fruit leather or some jam.  I will definitely try again with my nonstick mat.  Good or bad I will let you know how it turns out.


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