Memories of my mother

2015 247

My mother and me at Fort Michilimackinac

Why do I craft?  I craft because my mother crafted.  Every Halloween I had a beautiful costume. Many years I didn’t decide what I wanted to be until the day before.  Yet I’d get up for school and my homemade costume awaited me. I attempt to do the same for my kids. The last couple of years I’ve bought second-hand prom dresses and cut them down into Disney princess’. And second-hand clothes strategically cut for zombies. But I’ve made some from scratch.  This year I will be returning to that.  I just have to have the kids weigh in on what they want to be.

My mother passed in 2001 and I think of her often.  She missed out on my younger 3 kids, but knowing that I pass down the things she taught me I know she lives on.  It’s difficult for them to wrap their heads around the fact that I had a mother.  sometimes I think they believe I sprung out of the ground parent-less. Some days it feels as if that might be true.  Both of them have been gone so long. I’m no Timothy Green, but sometimes I think it would have been easier had I been.

My mother was amazing and never realized her worth. She told me to never write about her. Were she still alive I would respect that.  Missing her as much as I do and needing her words of wisdom, I write. I wish I’d asked her more questions and wrote down the answers.  It would be so much easier to pass on our ancestry.  The internet has opened up so many avenues for us to now track out history and record it. I hope that when I’m gone my kids can look back and find my words and know how much I love them.

Today’s been difficult for me and this is so random and meandering. My minds all over the place and my focus needs work. So I’ll leave with this from a Halloween long past.


2015 242


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