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Pant leg purse

When my daughters pants get to short or the knees go out we turn them in to cut offs.  I’m left with pant legs. Which I put in my fabric pile dreaming of one day making a denim quilt. One of these pieces caught my eye and I decided to turn it into a purse for my daughter.  She has a sizable collection of purses from our second hand shopping. I let her pick out the ribbon to make the handle and as soon as it was done it was whisked off into her room with the rest of her purses.

This purse is cute and could be done for so many different kinds of looks.  It took less than an hour to make. My daughter will have hours of enjoyment from something I could have tossed in the trash.

2015 036

I started by cutting off the part with a hole in it.

2015 020 2015 021

Then I turned them inside out and pinned the bottom hem and sewed it together. I sewe across the top of the hem and at the bottom of the hem.  So this is durable, My daughter is always carrying around the most random things in her purse.

2015 024 2015 026

I then pinned the top to hem for a finished edge. I used a hidden stitch for this

2015 027 2015 028 2015 030

Turn back to the right side and decide on where you want the handles to be attached. Pin in place making sure ribbon is the right way.  My ribbon is only printed on one side You can make the straps interchange able by using snaps, which would add a cute way to make this have many different looks.

2015 032 2015 031

This is the finished purse.  My daughter wants a button to close it, which I will add when I get some elastic cord as it will save on hemming button holes.

2015 034 2015 036


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