Creativity and Children

As a kid I was always making up stories and played in my own world much of the time.  It was great fun.  I watch my kids with all their video games, movies and phones, and I worry about the lack of imagination in today’s world. I want them to grow up with all the advantages of our times, but I also want them to know what it was like for me growing up.  I want them to appreciate being able to just playing and enjoying themselves minus all the electronics.  So I make them put them down and play outside or in their room.  They act as if I’m being mean, but they start to have so much fun they  forget about plugging in.

They have very active imaginations. They love to make up stories and games.  I’m glad in this day and age my kids still do the stuff I did as a kid.  With so many electronic gadgets sometimes the things I grew up with seem so dated and old.  I’m glad my kids can still do the stuff I did and work with their minds to create and play.

So when I was given the chance to review this Black Top Hat and this Derby hat from SSAA Accessories I jumped at the chance. So they’d have more costume choices in their dress up box.

2015 014 (3)

They had a ball.  The hat’s are sturdy enough to take the wear and tear of kids at play.  My kids were making up stories and accents while wearing these. The felt is soft.  The sizing is a little large for my daughter and just right for my son.

I love to watch them as they create new worlds and characters.  It’s good for kids to turn off the gadgets that make up our daily life and return to a simpler time.  When you had to depend on your imagination and create a world to play in. These will also be great when it comes time to decide what they want to be for Halloween.  They are sure to use them to build a costume that will be ready for our family album.

I received these hats for FREE in exchange for my unbiased review.


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