The Hands of Time

Every year I grow older and wonder if this will be the last year I will feel young? I watch as my skin sags more and the fine lines appear in the mirror.  So what is a girl to do?  Fight back time with all the creams and lotions you can get your hands on.  I’ve recently been given the chance to test Asana Beauty MagiCream.  Which has never been tested on animals.  Is made with shea butter and glycerin.  Just use twice a day and your face will look younger and feel so soft.  Has no strange smells so is good for sensitive skin like mine.

My face feels smoother and the fine don’t appear as clearly with using this twice a day for the past couple weeks.  Fountain of youth? No I still feel old as can be, but my face doesn’t have to give me away.  Time takes it’s toll, but you don’t have to show your age.

MagiCream comes in this packaging which reminds me of art deco, which is a favorite of mine.

2015 023

All pretty and untouched

2015 024

So thick a little goes a long way

2015 026

I received this product for FREE in exchange for my unbiased review.


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