Back in the Good Old Days

When I was younger I remember getting marbles in my stocking. My mother would tell me about when she was younger and she got hers in her stocking. She loved to play with them and was happy when she would see real glass marbles in the store. She didn’t like the plastic ones because they weren’t as colorful and they didn’t shoot as well. If you look around the web you will find a bunch of ways to play marbles. My mother taught me the version she played as a child. You take string and make a circle. Once you have your circle you put your marbles in. You can make a design or just plop them in. I just plopped them in.

2015 005

Each player takes their turn with a shooter shooting into the circle attempting to knock out as many marbles as possible. Game ends when all marbles are out and the person with the most knock outs wins.A fun game that kids can play together or practice by themselves.  Teaching them how to aim and plan for certain outcomes.

The set I’m using is made by Lost My Marbles and can be found on Amazon at the link below.  The are made of glass and have beautiful colors.  My set has orange, blue and yellow. They come with a velvet bag to keep them all together.  I added a little crochet thread to the bag to make a circle and the kids have an easy game they can carry with them. One that when they play they aren’t just playing together they are playing with my mothers memory. They never got to meet her so I’m glad I can share the joy she brought to my life with them, so she isn’t forgotten. Thanks to Lost My Marbles for giving me these marbles to review FREE and remember my mother.

2015 0262015 028
Super Pack of Marbles – 25 Marbles and One Bonus Shooter – Comes in a Velour Flocked Bag with Double Cord Drawstring – Perfect for Marble Run Games


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