Sites to Save Money on Amazon

I’ve just started to do reviews on Amazon for free or discounted items.  The great thing is all the great stuff you get for free or deep discounts.  There are two main sites I use for this one is Dollar Deal Review and Tomoson.  They both are great at finding stuff to review.  Each for different reasons.  There are many other sites out there a google search will bring up many of them.  I recommend these two for starters because they are both easy to use and have so many great items to chose from.

Dollar Deal Review you get DealTickets that are redeemable for there items.  When you sign up you get 200 and can earn more through referrals.  All you need do is look at the many items, that change all the time so check back often and join their facebook page to get updates.  Click on the picture it opens to show you more information and has a link to the Amazon page for the item.  A few items aren’t on Amazon so always check before spending your DealTickets as once spent don’t get returned until you’ve submitted an acceptable review. Most reviews have to be in within 14 days.

dollar deal review

On Tomoson you aren’t limited to the amount of reviews you can do, but are limited to your reach.  So if you don’t have a large friend list on the major social networks you need to build them up to get some of the larger campaigns. If you don’t have a blog you might want to start one.  The greater your reach the more you can review.  Tomoson may take a while to get an item.  As you can request all you want, but the company’s get to chose who they want to receive products. So increase your social reach will get you the best chances of getting what you want.  Just remember you have to have time to do the reviews.  You are given 30 days to do your reviews. Just beware how many you need to write.  Some products want you to review on every site out there.  Which might not be worth the time for somethings.  While others are well worth the time spent.

The best way to write a review is to read the guidelines and the item description.  Use both when writing your review.  Tell what you like about the item and what you don’t like.  Read the guidelines on the review sites they also have great information on what they expect in the reviews.  A review doesn’t need to be long, but it does need to be at least a paragraph.  It is also good to leave seller feedback, but not in the review. Amazon has a separate area for shipping reviews use it.  The more helpful you are to company’s the more likely they will be to offer more products for review to people like us. Always remember to a add the disclaimer at the bottom of your review that you received the item for a discount or free per the FTC.  If you don’t add that, Amazon can pull your reviews.


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