pH and You

I’ve had the opportunity to test Health Wiser ph 0-14 tape.  It comes in a roll similar to clear tape.  The case has a place to cut off pieces as needed.  It works well for testing your body’s pH and the pH of the things you use.  If you keep track of where your pH is at you can keep yourself healthy.  To high of a pH can cause issues in your health as can having to alkaline.  The human body should be at a pH of about 7.4

If  your body is to acidic you could have issues with being overweight, chronic inflammation, and other bothersome things.  Your body isn’t as healthy as it could be.  To change your pH you need to change how you fuel your body.  What you put into it is what you get out of it.  You can use these strips to test your urine or saliva, plus any other thing you put into your body.  Learn what’s good and use the bad in moderation for a healthier self.


2015 015

When I first tried these strips I didn’t think they worked.  I ended up putting the other end in lemon juice to see how well they worked.

2015 011

The red end is the lemon juice and the other end is what my saliva was.  I have to say I’ve made many changes to my diet in the last year.  I wish I’d thought to check my pH level when I was hooked on soda pop.  Since giving it up my body has felt better and my pH level appears just about perfect.

I recieved these strips free in exchange for my honest review.

HealthyWiser – pH Paper Full Range 0-14 with Dispenser And Easy To Match Color Chart, Universal Application, Results in Seconds, 16.4 Ft Roll


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