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My Happy Cat and His Window Bed

I was given the opportunity to try out this neat cat bed from Pets and More on Amazon.  The bed comes in a box and needs assembled.  The plastic tubes are hard to push into the fabric, but that just means it stays together better in the long run.  once the long tubes are in the fabric the rest snaps together and is velcroed together. The fleece pad is velcroed on and can be pulled off to wash. It holds up to a 50 pound cat.

Cat’s sleep much of the day.  Which explains why they are so happy most of the time.  Our cat is asleep in the window in it’s cat bed as I type this. Shadow does have his moments of being mean but most of the time our cat is chilled out in the window. He loves this bed.  He basically lives in this window bed.  You only hear him when he rolls over and one of his paws hits the window.

He used to have a difficult time finding a place to sleep as the dog likes to sleep prime space in our small house. Before the window bed came to our house the dog and cat would compete for the sunlight on my daughters bed.  My daughter complained about all the fur they left.  Granted she loves them so much she doesn’t mind much. Now she has to wait for the cat to wake up to cuddle up with her.  The only thing wrong with this bed is that it makes the dog jealous that the cat gets all the sunlight to sleep in.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.
Window Mounted Cat Bed – Comfortable Window Sunny Cat Bed – Cosy Window Cat Hammock with Removable Cushions and Industrial-strength Suction Cups

2015 020

Shadow as I type this 🙂


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